If you are using illegal drugs, then the thought of testing positive to a drug test may be so disturbing that you are tempted to try substituting someone else's "clean" urine as a replacement for your own. The source of the clean urine may be a drug-free friend, or you could even buy it from a clean urine vendor. Take note, using this pass a drug test urine is a dangerous strategy. Collectors and monitors are looking for this occurring and if they catch you, you will probably lose your job. If the test is being conducted for insurance purposes, then the test location will usually be your home or office. This can make substitution easier as you are able to prepare for it in advance. It's also rare that temperatures will be checked in these situations. You may also be successful with substitution in a doctor's office because doctors are less accustomed to people wanting to cheat.

The important thing to be aware of is that legally, substitution is the same as fraud. You are passing someone else's urine off as your own. Fraud can involve harsh penalties, and it is therefore not recommended that you use this strategy or break the law in any other way. On the other hand, we are meant to be living in a free society. You are entitled to possess information the government doesn't want you to have and you are entitled to engage in stupid behavior. Using someone else's urine in a drug test is stupid due to the high risks involved and the serious consequences of getting caught. Further information about substitution strategies is available on

Clean Pee by Nightbyrd

Jeff Nightbyrd, the operator of Byrd Laboratories, started collecting and selling "clean pee" in the late 1980's. (Note: the address for Byrd Laboratories is PO Box 1441, Topanga, CA, 90290). The first product that he sold was original, liquid urine and the price of this product was $49.95 for one bag. His reasons for selling this product were "experimental purposes only", meaning that it was to be used by scientists and other labs) and the bags came with a guarantee that they were 100% pure urine. He collected the urine from a Bible study group in the local area. He then tested it and packed it in plastic bags. The bags had a tube attached to assist with pouring. There were however, several issues he encountered with the sale and transport of urine as a liquid, particularly when it was sent through the post. The main problem was that urine that is unrefrigerated only has a shelf-life of around 18 hours.

He then tried freeze-drying the urine but this was also unsuccessful. After this Nightbyrd Laboratories started selling urine in powdered form. It looked similar to corn starch in terms of its color and consistency, and it could be reconstituted using hot water.

Getting Another Person's Urine

In the past, people have used urine samples they have got from a trusted relative or friend. This has often failed when the person doesn't properly confirm the drug-use history of the person they're getting the sample from. One case involved a professional man who casually smoked marijuana on weekends. When he knew he had to have a drug test, he asked his son to give him a urine sample that he could use as his own. He was confident in taking the test but this soon changed to humiliation with the test was revealed to be positive for cocaine!

How Substitution has Worked

Substitution can be relatively easy when the sample is to be provided in a fairly casual situation, such as a doctor's office. You can simply use the bathroom and transfer the substitute into the sample container. The problem arises when the drug tests are conducted in a workplace, testing lab or a strictly controlled court facility. Attempting substitution in these situations requires a high degree of caution.

Bags and Containers

People have used catheter bags under their shirts to hide the substitute drug test urine. The bag has a tube going down the sleeve to aid in delivery. This is a risky method as if you are patted down or required to change into a hospital gown, the bag could be revealed. You would then be forced to endure even more rigorous testing.

You could buy a Dispoz-a-Bag Drainage Bag in a hospital supply store or pharmacy. These are the bags that are often used in ambulances. They are quite cheap and cone in a variety of sizes. You may even find a salesperson in one of these stores who will offer advice about using these products to substitute urine.

Abbie Hoffman says that a large leg bag can be used in a way that provides extra volume. This bag can be disguised by being shaped near the middle of the subject's body. Once the bag has been filled with the substitute urine, any additional air should be removed so that bulges are reduced and then the bag should be sealed. A valve and rubber tube are then added so that the sample can be easily dispensed.

Incontinence pants can be purchased from a hospital supply store or pharmacy in order to keep the bag in the correct position. The best place is to secure it around the stomach as flat as possible. This is then secured in place using surgical tape and the tube is positioned towards the crotch. The valve will need to be accessible but out of sight of an observer. The fluid can then flow down into the sample cup. This method can be practiced beforehand using a bog filled with water.

This bag method is more commonly used in a substitution than trying to carry the substitute urine into the test in a container. The risk can be high when the observer is particularly vigilant, but people have gotten away with hiding a bag and tube without discovery.

Hoffman has also outlined a substitution method using a non-lubricating, reservoir tipped condom. This involves filling one condom with the substitute urine and then putting this inside another condom to reduce the risks of bursting. This package is then taped close to the groin area. When the time of the drug test arrives, the condom tip can be punctured with a sharp fingernail. In one successful case, a woman inserted the condom filled with substitute urine into her vagina. When asked to provide her sample she pierced the condom and the substitute urine was released into the sample cup. Men have reported attaching the condom filled with substitute urine to their penis and then puncturing it to give the clean sample.

Some people have taken a hidden container filled with a substitute urine unto an observed collection situation and gotten away with it by arguing that they find it too difficult to urinate while being watched. This is a phenomenon known as "blushing kidneys" or "shy bladder".

Dangers of Substitution

This is obviously an extremely risky strategy and it is not recommended. A preferable method would be a combination of abstinence and drinking more liquids. If you do want to try the substitution method then don't ever try using urine that hasn't come from a human (your pet cat or dog for example) or making your own urine with water and coloring. Observers are aware of these tricks and they are easy to detect.


Some drug testing programs will measure the temperature of the urine sample. You need to be aware of whether or not your program requires this before you attempt to use the substitution method. You should make sure that you know exactly what the process will involve. When a program is following the Federal Guidelines, the temperature of the urine sample has to be measured within 4 minutes of the sample's collection. A new sample is required if the temperature is not within the range of 90.5 and 99.8 degrees Fahrenheit. The Collector directly observes the giving of the second sample.

If you refrigerate the substitution urine to keep it fresh, then you will need to heat it up before handing it over to the Collector in order to avoid detection. You may still be caught out even if the testing program doesn't require the sample temperature to be measured. If the Collector thinks it is unusually cold, then they will probably want to take the temperature. One way around this is to keep the substitute urine close to your body so that it can absorb your body heat.

You could get in Trouble

Nebraska, Pennsylvania and Texas each have criminal laws making falsifying drug tests illegal. In January 1998, Pennsylvania made it illegal to share, sell or use clean urine for the purpose of evading or lying when taking a drug test. If caught, the person providing the substitute urine and the person attempting to use it can both be convicted of a third degree misdemeanor involving a punishment of up to one years imprisonment. Tampering with fluids in Nebraska in order to manipulate drug testing can result in a Class I misdemeanor conviction if you are caught. The legal penalties in Texas are even broader. Her the law provides that "any person who knowingly or intentionally manufactures, delivers, owns, uses, or possesses, with intent, a substance or device designed to falsify drug test results is guilty of a misdemeanor".