When drug metabolites are able to pass quickly through your body, it means that you will be cleaner fasted and this will decrease your chances of testing positive. The flushing strategy involves putting large quantities of liquids into your body so that the drug metabolites will be washed out as fast as possible. It is unlikely that you will remove 100% of drug metabolites using this method, but it can be effective in reducing the concentration of drug traces in your sample.

The Office of Drug Enforcement at the Department of Transportation (DOT) asked Dr Edward Cone from the Addiction Research Center (ARC) to investigate how effective the flushing method was. The government had obviously seen literature describing ways to pass a drug test and they were worried that the stories about drinking herbal teas to remove drug metabolites from the body were true. The results of Cone's research was that tea wasn't necessary, the result could be achieved with water!

He demonstrated that drinking 1 gallon of water made the gravity of marijuana in the system drop to extremely low level and also that the marijuana test results would be negative, even once the gravity returned to normal. When tested for cocaine, the results were negative for several hours after the water was drunk but they subsequently returned to positive. The results were the same for both tea and regular drinking water. When the subject took diuretics, the cannabinoids and cocaine tests produced negative results that didn't change back to positive. Cone's report from this investigation was published in the American Academy of forensic Sciences.

If you are planning on using the flushing method, you will need to drink large volumes of liquids (water and anything else that's not alcoholic) in the two days before the test and on the morning before the test takes place. There is no law against drinking water! Regardless of whether you've taken drugs, this can be an effective way of reducing the likelihood of a false positive. Products that can assist with the flushing process are available for sale on mbdetox.com.

First Void Samples

You should never use your first urine of the day after you wake up as your urine sample. This urination is known as the "first void" and it always contains the highest concentration of drug metabolites. Abbie Hoffman writes in "Steal This Urine Test" that it may be a good idea not to sleep at all the night before you are scheduled to be tested, or getting up extra early so that you can have many urinations before the test. Each urination will reduce the concentration of metabolites in your system which could make a difference to your test results.

Also remember that each time you urinate, the beginning of the urination process contains the highest concentration of metabolites. It may be advisable to pour out the first half and then using the second half of your urination to fill the sample cup. This will ensure that you hand in the urine with the least amount of metabolites.


Diuretics are designed to make the kidneys secrete more water. According to an article in the "High Times Magazine", taking 80 milligrams of a diuretic (such as Lasix) and drinking a large amount of water can help you to urinate more frequently before you need to give your sample. Furosemide (the generic version of Lasix) requires a prescription. You may be able to get a diuretic prescription from a physician.

Some people who have not been able to get a diuretic prescription have resorted to drinking many cups of coffee as caffeine has the effect of a mild diuretic. If you are faced with an unadvertised, immediate drug test you may be able to flush out your system by drinking a few cups of coffee. The advantage of this is that you have easy access to coffee and it will not necessarily be viewed as suspicious. Also it is legal so you are not at any risk. Other diuretics that you could try include cranberry juice, iced tea, herbal tea, beer, grapes and soda.

The main point of taking diuretic is to help you to urinate as much as you can so that the metabolites are flushed out of your system before you give the sample. Flushing doesn't remove all metabolites but it will reduce the concentration. It won't necessarily make your result negative, but it can help.

Cautions for Flushing

The main danger in consuming a lot of water is that the drug tester will notice that your urine sample is diluted. This can make them suspicion which may mean that you need to give another sample. If they test for Creatinine levels in the urine it may become obvious that you were flushing your system. In the book "Ur-Ine Trouble", Holtorf contends that many of the drug testing labs are too busy to look into the creatinine and gravity of urine samples, so dilution of urine is rarely detected. This applies more to pre-employment screening tests.

In order to avoid the issue of low creatinine levels, you might want to eat a lot of red meat in the days before the test. This is meant to raise the levels of creatinine to what would be considered normal, even when you have drunk a lot of water.

It is also important to note that diuretics can pose a threat for pregnant women, diabetics and anyone with kidney problems. Don't try this method of passing drug tests if any of these conditions apply to you!

Specific Gravity

The term "specific gravity" refers to the ratio of dissolved solids (salts, for example) to volume in a urine sample. This is an indication of the dilution or concentration of the sample based on the ratio of urine weight to water weight. The normal range is between 1.003 and 1.030, but the majority of samples will be between 1.010 and 1.025. The samples given by diabetics and people with specific renal diseases will generally have low specific gravity levels. High specific gravity may indicate dehydration, hepatic disease, adrenal insufficiency or congestive heart failure. A urine sample will be regarded as abnormally diluted if it has a specific gravity under 1.003.


Creatinine is always being excreted from the body as it is a by-product of metabolism. When a urine sample contains less than 20 mg/dl of creatinine it is a sign that the person has drunk a lot of water before the test or even added water to the sample. This is technically referred to as "overhydration" and while it may reduce the concentration of the drug, it will also reduce creatinine levels. There is a limit to overhydration which means that you will never be able to completely turn your urine into water. You may actually get quite sick as a result of overhydration as it creates an electrolyte imbalance in the body.

If the drug test finds a dilution of creatinine, then the lab may carry out an additional specific gravity and dipstick test. TOXNET Laboratories have reported an incident where they received a urine sample made up of a mixture of urine and apple juice. The color was right, but as soon as it was opened the smell revealed that it was apple juice. It did contain diluted creatinine, but the apple juice gave it a high specific gravity level. There was also a high amount of glucose that would normally be absent in samples from non-diabetics. The sample didn't contain ketones which proved the donor wasn't a diabetic.

This account demonstrates what testing labs do to reveal adulteration. When an MRO receives a result that is negative but has low levels of creatinine and specific gravity, they will generally suspect that there has been adulteration using overhydration and this may result in them asking for a second observed sample. Some employers won't bother doing this second round of testing. In these cases, drinking large amounts of water can be of assistance in passing drug tests.

Coloring Urine Yellow

When you drink a lot of liquids, it will generally have the effect of turning your urine colorless and this can arouse suspicions when you hand in a urine sample. One way of correcting this problem is to take a Vitamin B complex in the days leading up to the test, as this will increase the yellowness of your urine sample. Some people will go so far as to carrying vitamins with them at all times so they are always prepared. It only takes 2 or 3 hours for a vitamin to be effective in changing the color of urine. As with water, vitamin use is completely legal and not likely to raise any suspicions because many people carry vitamins.

Flushing Out Marijuana

The biggest issue with marijuana is that marijuana metabolites are located in body fat and this gives it a much longer detection period than other drugs. Some people will attempt to burn fat in order to remove the marijuana metabolites from their systems faster. A new method involves using lecithin to break down fat reserves which are then dispersed in the blood. You can buy lecithin in regular health stores. When to begin using lecithin is a matter of debate.

Athletic people and those who exercise regularly have a considerable advantage in removing metabolites from their systems. Exercising results in burning fat and releasing the THC metabolites from the lipid tissues into the blood. Because athletes generally have high metabolisms, the metabolites then get through their systems a lot faster. If you exercise regularly between being tested for drugs the metabolites will be cleared from your system faster and this will lower the detection period. One important point to note however, is that exercising releases metabolites from your fat into your urine. This means that you will need to stop exercising immediately before the drug test.